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Student Arrested For Shooting Threat After Super Bowl

A 17-year-old Missouri high school student has been charged with a felony after threatening on social media to carry out a mass shooting at his school. The reason? He was upset that the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 51.

Jashon Taylor was arrested and charged with making the threat against the students at Belton High School in Cass County, Missouri, after the Feb. 5 football game didn't go his way and the Atlanta Falcons lost after leading for most of the game, reports WDAF. Threatening terrorism is a Class D felony in the state.

The post was online for approximately 15 minutes, and roughly 50 people viewed it during that time period, Taylor told police, as noted in a probable cause statement. The teen received a flood of messages from his social media friends telling him he needed to delete the message as soon as possible. But one of his followers took a screenshot of the threat and emailed it to the local police department before the message vanished.

"Bro i hate the patriots and every fan they have ..." he reportedly wrote in a portion of the now-deleted Snapchat post, according to WDAF. "OMG im f****n pissed. Let it be known im shooting Belton tomorrow or tuesday whenever i go back. Imma find every h** bragging and blast them."

Shortly after, officers arrived at his house and asked if he knew what they were doing there.

"It's about what was posted on Snapchat," he responded, according to the court document.

His mother then asked what he had posted, and he said that it was a message "about shooting up the school."

In Missouri, a Class D felony conviction comes with a sentence of up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000, according to FindLaw.

Sources: WDAF, FindLaw / Photo Credit: Cass County Police via KTTN

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