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When police don't respect the rights of citizens

 While many police honor our rights, some don't, or they do so in weird ways. This video is of protestors outside a police station, protesting the arrest of an individual  for possesing marijuana. The weird thing is that the officer in charge said to the protestors as they were outside on the sidewalk is that they have to keep moving. I understand making room for people walking down the sidewalk, but keep moving? Does the officer think protests are also part aerobic workouts? It seems the government (which includes the police) try to find ways to limit the ability of Americans to protest.

This second video is of an autistic man arrested for filming a police officer during his own traffiic stop. Yes, some police have invented a new law called, "arrest you for filming us". The rational is enforcement of wiretapping laws that require two party consent, but obviously that is only when there is an expectation of privacy. Arresting people with cameras happens very often when an officer might have something to hide.

 Actually this video would be a perfect example of that point. Police got into a physical confrontation with an individual outside a bowling alley and then they arrest his friend for filming it with a cell phone. Under this rational of course, any member of the media who filmed civil right protestors being beaten 50 years ago, would be guilty of a crime. Listen to the excuse making by the media flak for the police department trying to justify this illegal and unconstitutional arrest. An arrest made with the intention of suppressing possible evidence, that being the filming. Indeed, these cops would rather suppress evidence, even if it might help their case in terms of a prosecution. She even says, "It's not that anybody's hiding anything." Yeah right.

 Lastly, even recording audio without informing the police should not be a crime, because if it is than every undercover expose by the T.V. show 60 Minutes was breaking the law. Police have no expectation of privacy whatsoever when interacting with the public.


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