Friends Fatally Shot Within 10 Days Of Each Other


Toronto man Julian Weekes, 27, was shot and killed after reportedly attending the funeral of a friend -- who has also been fatally shot.

According to Det. Sgt. Michael Patterson, police were called to a Shell gas station in Toronto on April 2 following reports of gunshots, CBC News reports. They arrived to find Weekes "clinging to life" from multiple gunshot wounds. Although paramedics tried to save his life, he died on the scene.

Officers were able to determine where the shooting happened by following a trail of blood nearby. The shooting occurred outside Annie's Bar and Grill, where Weekes was attending a memorial service for his friend Ceyon Carrington, who had been gunned down in an alleyway on March 23.

After being shot, Weekes reportedly ran down the street knocking on the doors of passing cars. He appeared to be intoxicated, according to witnesses.

Patterson noted that the two homicides were similar in nature and that Carrington was also shot by "a coward carrying a gun." However, police have yet to find a direct link between the two shootings. Witnesses said the shooter who killed Weekes was an athletic-looking male.

"Somebody has to step up and stop this," Patterson said.

Police are now appealing to those who attended the memorial in the hopes that someone will come forward with an identification of the shooter.

Sources: The Star, CBC News / Photo Credit: Toronto Police Service via CBC News, Wikimedia Commons

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