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Teen Arrested After Duct Taping 2-Year-Old Sister And Posting It On Facebook (Photo)

A disturbing picture of a little girl bound with duct tape is under investigation after it went viral on Facebook.

Tennessee police said the child in the picture was not harmed, but her 16-year-old brother was arrested and could be facing charges, WMC News reported.

“The child's not injured. She's OK. She's two and a half years old,” Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas said. “It disgusts me. It angers me, but sadly, I'm not surprised. I've been doing this long enough now that I see stuff like that and it doesn't even shock me anymore.

“It angers me as a sheriff and a dad.”

Thomas said he received a phone call about the photo on Feb. 14. The photo was posted on Facebook by the 16-year-old boy, who shared it on his girlfriend’s page.

The post went viral and Thomas sent investigators to the family’s home.

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Opinions about the photo were split, with some people saying the children could have just been playing.

“If her brother did it, maybe he was just playing,” neighbor Terris Brooks said. “Talk to him. But I don't think it's nothing for everybody to get in an uproar over. They're just children.”

“No, you don't do that. That's not playing right there. That's too serious,” Teresa Wardlow, another neighbor, said. “He needs to be taught a lesson, but that's kind of bad right there, now.”

The 16-year-old is currently in his mother’s custody. Thomas said they are working with the Department of Children’s Services and the District Attorney to possibly file charges against the teen.

“We just need to fix it before something else happens,” Thomas said.

Sources: WMC Action News, WSMV / Photo Credit WMC Action News

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