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Police Arrest Owners Of Dog That Overdosed On Heroin (Photos)

A Chihuahua puppy in Texas is recovering after overdosing on heroin that was left in its owners' truck.

When a man and a woman were arrested at the Home Depot for switching price tags, they told police that they had a small dog in their truck. Upon entering the vehicle, officers could tell that something was wrong.

"We weren't sure exactly what was going on with [the dog], but there was drug paraphernalia," Carrollton Police spokesperson Jolene DeVito told KRLD, according to CBS News. "Eventually we did find drugs in the car and made sure the puppy got medical attention right away. Sure enough, he was basically suffering from a heroin overdose."

The puppy was transported to an emergency clinic, where veterinarians were unsure whether he would survive.

"He was extraordinarily lethargic, almost comatose, barely breathing, his heart rate was very, very slow," veterinarian Stacie Fowler told KARE. "His body temperature was really low. He was really on the verge of not breathing."

"If he'd not received treatment he would've stopped breathing," she added.

Soon the dog -- which the clinic named Lucky -- was on the road to recovery, and the Carrollton Police Department issued a statement on Facebook thanking the staff at the clinic and commending the puppy's toughness.

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The Facebook post also stated that the owners, identified as Thomas Romero and Nina Crawford, "were arrested for heroin possession and for fraudulent destruction, removal or concealment of writing."

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DeVito told KRLD that animal abuse charges are likely to follow.

Once he is completely recovered, Lucky will be delivered into the care of the City of Carrollton Animal Services, where he will be put up for adoption.

Sources: CBS News, KARE, Carrollton Texas Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Carrollton Texas Police Department via KARE, North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic via CBS News

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