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Man Who Cut Girlfriend's Heart Out Sentenced (Photos)

A man from Pomona, California, who cut out his girlfriend's heart and lungs while she was still alive was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Sept. 19.

Alexander Anthony Clever, 28, killed his girlfriend, Yvette Silva, 35, at a Motel 6 in Pomona on Nov. 29, 2014, KTLA reports.

Clever previously admitted to torture and pleaded no contest to the first-degree murder charges, reports the Los Angeles Times.

After the couple's argument in the bathroom turned into screams, the pair's two friends rushed in to find an unconscious Silva in a chokehold.

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After failing to rescue her, the friends ran to get help.

When police arrived at the scene, Silva was dead, with her heart and lungs cut out.

Two days later authorities arrested Clever at his home, with DNA tests revealing one of his knives had the victim's DNA.

Clever had recently been released from prison where he had been serving time for various crimes, including a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon, reports the Daily Bulletin. He was on community supervision when he killed Silva.

The sentencing provoked debate among many, with some arguing he should get the death penalty, or worse.

"Why should he get life?" wrote Doreen Pelletier on KTLA's Facebook page. "Bring back the death penalty. Why should he get 3 meals and a bed to sleep in? That's way [too] good for him. Also wasting tax payers money!! I say death penalty if you kill someone."

Others disagreed.

"I'm outraged, too," commented Scott Ganyo. "But a death penalty isn't the answer: 1. The punishment is too easy. 2. The justice system is fallible. 3. It's immoral for many. 4. It's more expensive."

It's not the first time a man with previous convictions killed his girlfriend in a motel, reports.

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In May 2016, 45-year-old Kevin Small lit his girlfriend, Melissa Bacon-Smith, on fire after throwing gasoline on her while she smoked a cigarette at a Pennsylvania motel.

Police had previously arrested Small multiple times on various criminal charges, such as theft, identity theft, forgery, drunken driving and drug possession.

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