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Headless Body Found In Hoarder's Home

Police discovered a headless body in a home in Chillicothe, Ohio, Oct. 31.

The body was so badly decomposed that police could not identify it, according to WSYX.

The search was initiated after police received a call Oct. 31 informing them that a body may be inside the home.

Police officers were accompanied by a fire crew and city safety officials when they entered the home. They had to cut through vines and briars in order to reach the building.

“The house was absolutely deplorable. It was obviously a hoarder-type situation with roughly four feet of garbage through out the entire house,” said Bud Little of Chillicothe Police, according to WSYX.

When inside, it took several hours before they located the body. They first had to clear the large quantity of garbage in each room.

Reports suggest the man who lived there had been suffering from health problems.

Little confirmed a body was found and that there is an ongoing investigation, says WSYX.

The officer indicated that at this point, no foul play was believed to be involved.

“But we won’t know that for sure until the autopsy is returned,” he added, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.

It is believed the head was removed after the person’s death.

Police had previously received a nuisance complaint related to the address, and another for theft.

“In my 20 years, it’s the worst home I’ve ever seen,” said Little.

Neighbor Stephanie Rinehart spoke to WSYX about her reaction to the discovery.

“When I was in there as a little girl, it was like a hoarder, stuff piled up,” Rinehart told WSYX.

She added that she had heard rumors the man passed away several years ago.

The autopsy will aim to identify who died, how long ago and from what cause.

Sources: WSYX, Chillicothe Gazette / Photo credit: Wes Peck/Flickr

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