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Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend Who Sucked Her Blood

A Missouri woman reportedly stabbed her boyfriend shortly after she allowed him to cut her and suck her blood, following a conversation about vampires.

Victoria Vanatter, 19, has been charged with domestic assault and armed criminal action following an incident in Springfield, Missouri, in which she stabbed her boyfriend, according to KSPR. Vanatter said the couple had been discussing vampires when she allowed her boyfriend to cut her arm with a box cutter and drink her blood.

After the blood-drinking, Vanatter and her boyfriend, who she said was drunk, began to fight -- the brawl ended with Vanatter stabbing her boyfriend several times, according to KYTV.

Vanatter called 911 on Nov. 23 to ask for help. When police arrived, they found the couple covered in blood, as well as several messages written in blood on walls and kitchen counters, including a heart and a message reading "I'm sorry." Police also found Vanatter's boyfriend with a cross drawn on his chest in blood.

When Vanatter, who has two previous felony assault convictions, was arrested, she told police she is a threat to society and that she believes that she could be a serial killer in the future.

She also has another open case for an unlawful use of a weapon charge.

The couple's neighbor, Carl Dietrich, said the incident did not surprise him.

"Last year, about this time, there was an incident where I think he thought he killed his girlfriend and he wrapped her up in a mattress and then he couldn't find her," said Dietrich, who said he has installed security cameras to protect his home.

"There's [only] so much you can do about a guy like that," Dietrich said of his neighbor. "You just think at some point he's going to self-destruct. He just hasn't done that yet. I just think if you live that kind of life it will happen sooner or later."

Dietrich said that the house has been "a problem" in the neighborhood for at least 10 years, saying, "everybody's had a problem with him at one time or another."

Vanatter is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Sources: KYTV, KSPR / Photo credit: Greene County Jail via KYTV

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