Photographer Gets Surprise In Deserted Building (Video)


A photographer taking pictures of a deserted New York hospital got a startling surprise while exploring the building.

Josh Goldberg heard peculiar cries coming from the third floor of what used to be Leonard Hospital in Troy. Once he realized that the noises were coming from a kitten, he cut a hole in the drywall and removed the feline before taking it home with him.

The rescuing of the cat – now named Leonard – was filmed by Goldberg and has been posted on YouTube.

Goldberg said that he didn’t know where the bizarre cries were coming from while he was snapping the building, according to Inside Edition.

 “I realized there was a kitten trapped on the third floor, but couldn’t quite figure out where; at first I thought he was in the heating ducts,” he wrote in a caption of the video posted on Feb. 10.

“I brought tools up from my car and piled some chairs up so I could barely reach the duct, then used my phone to look inside.”

The photographer bought a ladder so he could see over the wall, eventually taking home the trapped feline.

“As soon as I was up on the ladder, I could see over the wall and there he was! A tiny four week old kitten,” he wrote.

“I carefully made a hole in the drywall. He was too small to leave behind hoping his mother was still around, so I brought him home: Leonard the kitten.”

The video ends with cute clips of a happy Leonard eating food and playing with string.

Sources: Inside Edition, Joshua Gold/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via Joshua Gold/YouTube

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