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Witness: Woman Dragged Cat On Leash, Tased Bystander (Video)

Los Angeles police are searching for a woman who was photographed dragging a cat along on a leash, and allegedly used a stun gun on someone who tried to stop her (video below).

The woman was caught on camera dragging the cat behind her on a street while it tried to get away, KTLA reports.

A witness who asked to be identified only by her first name, Shifrah, took photos of the incident, and said the woman pulled the cat on the leash for at least four blocks in Van Nuys, California.

"I was disgusted and horrified," she said. "The cord is around his neck and she's just pulling him. You know he was trying to get away from her."

Shifrah said she stopped her car and asked the woman to let the cat go, and the woman reportedly refused. Shifrah said that she then called 911 for help while continuing to follow the woman and document the incident.

"I got out of my car and I ran up to her and I said, 'What's wrong with you? Leave the cat alone. Leave the cat alone,'" said Shifrah. "She looked at me, ignored me and continued walking."

Another passerby reportedly approached the woman to tell her to stop, and the two got into a fight after she ripped the wig off the woman holding the leash.

"Another lady got out of her car and she walked up to this woman abusing this cat on a leash and she's telling her to leave the cat alone," Shifrah recalled. "She ripped the blond wig off the abuser's hair. So now they're kind of arguing, you're seeing fists flying a little bit."

Shifrah said that was when the woman holding the leash pulled out a stun gun and used it on the passerby.

"The cat is either dropped or thrown to the ground. The mean lady is saying 'give me my wig, give me my wig,' and then she tasered the nice lady," she said. "I see flashes of light and she's tasering the lady and then that's when the fight kind of ended."

The woman reportedly fled the scene after the incident, leaving the cat behind. Shifrah said that when the fight was over, she worried that the cat was dead. "He looked so lifeless," she said in a TV news report by KTLA. She said the other witness took the cat to an animal shelter for help with its injuries.

The cat, a brown tabby who has been given the name Mischief, is currently receiving treatment for his injuries at the East Valley Animal Shelter.

"Hopefully the cat will be adopted by someone who will love him," Shifrah said.

The LAPD has asked anyone with information that could be used to help catch the woman to contact them.

Sources: KTLA, KTLA via YouTube / Photo credit: WREG/Facebook / Video credit: KTLA via YouTube

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