Artist Converts Gas Station Into House (Video)


A New Orleans artist has captured national attention after he transformed a gas station into a home for his family (video below).

“What do you think about living in a gas station?” artist Robert Guthrie once asked his son, CNN Money reports.

Sadly, Guthrie died in February 2014 at age 56, yet fortunately not before he would realize his dream, the San Francisco Globe reports.

Even though his son replied that his father was crazy, Guthrie bought the 100-year-old Sinclair Gasoline station, anyway, Little Things reports.

The man added a roof deck, a hydraulic-lift turned staircase, a Jacuzzi, and a full modern kitchen.

Slowly but steadily, he turned the 2,000-square-foot space into his house.

He continued working on his dream house even after Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the area in 2005.

“It did get some damage, but we were able to fix that up quickly,” Robert said.

Robert did keep some of the gasoline station alive while building the house; the Sinclair sign is still present outside.

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In the bathroom, Robert turned an old oil can holder into a toilet paper holder, while the lamps are actually headlights.

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One can also still see the station’s old wooden tresses while toy cars decorate the house.

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Many are charmed by the house and awed by Robert’s perseverance.

“This just goes to show that we’re not limited to the options presented to us. Sometimes a regular house won’t do, and it’s creative folk like Robert who make the world a tad bit more interesting,” Emerald Pellot writes on Little Things.

“I am 61 and have dreamed of doing this since I was very young!,” added YouTube user Alan Smith. “I am a car guy so I would have incorporated at least one working bay lift, but that just me! Hats off brah, You did it RIGHT! Good on ya! Thanks for sharing.”

Sources: CNN Money/YouTube, Little ThingsSan Francisco Globe / Photo credit: CNN Money/YouTube

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