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911 Operator Neglected To Answer Emergency Call While Placing Her Lunch Order (Video)

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A Florida 911 operator was accused of neglecting to answer an emergency call when she ordered a pizza for lunch instead.

Francis Francois of Broward County, Florida, was on the job in September when she decided to order lunch for herself and her coworkers. Meanwhile, a man in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, had fainted and the employees of the establishment had called 911. However, they received no response.

“He started to convulse, had a seizure, fell out of the exam chair,” Clearsight’s Jared Goodman said. “I thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. I can’t believe there is just the one lady.”

In the phone recording of Francois’ call, she can be heard placing multiple orders and checking the price of certain selections. According to a Broward Sheriff’s Office report, Francois ignored multiple visual alerts and audible tones that a call was coming in.

The report also noted that the operator should have terminated the lunch call when she heard the emergency call coming in. Because she didn’t follow protocol, she was handed a letter of reprimand.

Fort Lauderdale officials are now deciding if the city should continue to remain in the Broward County 911 system, even if it means returning to their own police force and abandoning the 911 dispatch system.

According to NBC, the man who fainted evenutally recovered and is currently in good condition.

Sources: Telelgraph, NBC

Photo Credit: Fox News 

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