Dog, Owner Reunited After Car Accident

A Bernese Mountain Dog has been reunited with his owner after he ran away from a car accident on Easter Sunday.

After a car accident on March 27 in Broomfield, Colorado, Maddox the dog ran away from his owner’s car.

According to Broomfield police, several people reported seeing Maddox the night he ran away, but he was never located.

The next day, Officer Goldstone of the Broomfield Police Department got a call from a passerby who believed they spotted a deceased dog in a snowbank near the walking trails in a Broomfield subdivision.

When Goldstone arrived at the scene, she said she knew immediately it was Maddox, but he looked unresponsive. She approached the dog and noticed that he was alive and breathing. 

The officer did note, however, that Maddox “looked as though he had given up on life,” according to a March 29 post on the Broomfield Police Department’s Facebook page.

Goldstone called Maddox’s owner, who quickly arrived at the scene to rescue his furry friend. He told the officer that he had been driving around all day and night looking for Maddox.

After the reunion, Maddox was taken to a local vet, who examined him and confirmed that he is healthy and safe.

Sources: KUSA, Broomfield Police Department/Facebook / Photo Credit: Broomfield Police Department via KUSA

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