Officer Fired For Stealing Tape From Victim's Home


A South Carolina deputy was fired after vandalizing a victim's home and stealing a roll of tape.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced on March 1 the department had terminated Deputy Kaleb Broome, WLTX reported.

Broome has been charged with misconduct in the office following an incident that occurred in late February.

The former deputy and his partner had responded to a domestic dispute call, reports New York Daily News. While the female victim was packing up her home, Broome defaced a poster in her garage and took a roll of double-sided tape.

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The poster was of the continent of Africa. Broome had circled a part of the name of the country of Nigeria. Lott believes it was an attempt to make a racial slur.

“When he took that piece of tape he crossed the line, he tarnished the badge,” Lott said.

Broome used the tape to stick an ID to his dashboard so he could write the incident report. Lott said Broome’s partner told him not to take the tape, but he didn’t listen. Broome’s partner then reported him to his superior officer.

“When you hear and see something like this you just shake your head and say 'why?'” said Lott, adding that the tape was "not even 10 cents worth." 

Lott added, “There's really no explanation, no reason, except you just had someone who didn't deserve the badge.”

Broom could face a maximum penalty of a year in jail if convicted.

“We do have bad cops,” Lott said. “Nothing hurts a good cop worse than a bad cop. And the good cops stand up tall and they do what's necessary to make sure that we get these bad cops out of our ranks.”

Sources: WLTX, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Richland County Sheriff's Office via WLTX

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