Drug Bust Leads To Lasting Friendship For Officer


A Virginia narcotics officer got an unexpected surprise 10 years ago when he responded to a call about a drug bust. It changed his life forever.

On what seemed like an ordinary day, Hampton Police Department Lt. Scott Keller of the was called in about a drug den in the city. Once Keller arrived at the house, it wasn’t the men inside doing drugs that shocked him, but what he found in the back bedroom.

The suspects’ elderly mother, Francis, was being held captive in her own home, according to Mad World News. The woman was bedridden and unable to do anything about the criminal activity around her as she lay imprisoned in the room.

Keller was so affected by Francis’ disturbing situation that they formed a bond. He even posted about the ordeal on the Hampton Police Department official Facebook page on March 17:

"I was working in the narcotics unit. I ended up befriending a lady named Francis. She was an older lady living in a home where we had a lot of drug problems at the time. She was bed ridden and she was confined to her room. Her sons were using drugs and alcohol in her home and she didn't know what else to do.”

Since her sons were incapable of helping her, Keller promised to watch over the ailing mother from then on. He frequently visited her to check up on her well-being and she eventually gave him a key to her house.

“I began stopping by her house on a regular basis to check on her welfare, and we developed a friendship. She grew to trust me, so much so that she gave me a key to her home,” Keller wrote.

During his unannounced visits, Keller was authorized to ensure no criminal activity was occurring at the residence.

“She also wrote me a letter that authorized me to enforce any criminal violations that I found upon entry, even if it meant that I had to arrest her sons. Over time, I was able to remove the criminal element from her home and provide Francis with peace,” he writes.

Adding, “She no longer felt like a prisoner in her own home. My friendship with Francis lasted for over ten years. Although she's in heaven now, I'm still in contact with her daughter. "

Sources: Mad World News, Hampton Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Hampton Police Department/Facebook

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