Homeowner Finds World War II Memorabilia In Attic


A World War II veteran’s uniform was discovered in the attic of a Phoenix home that was under renovation.

The WWII uniform was discovered among other items from that era. The new owner tracked down the previous owner through his realtor, KSAZ reports. 

The previous owner’s name was Thomas Wilson Jr., and he lived in the home for 56 years with his wife, Delma. The Wilson family sold the Arcadia home in 2013. 

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The new homeowner was able to get in contact with the family.

"He said I think we found your dad's uniform in your mom's old house," Leah Morse, Wilson’s daughter, told KSAZ.

An old bag with the soldier’s name on the front, magazines from WWII, a checkbook and wooden shoes from Holland were also found in the attic.

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"We were a little astounded to realize we had left something very important in that attic," Morse added.

The uniform was still in great shape.

"Beautiful uniform with the bright buttons on it, I am really impressed," Delma said.

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The family said Wilson didn’t talk about the war often. He did, however, write a memoir that will be passed down through future generations.

"It was so nice of him to think even to do that, it is priceless, you can't replace something like that," said Morse.

Wilson passed away in 2012. Delma is now 96 years old.

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Sources: KSAZ / Photo credit: KSAZ

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