Man's Car Branded With 'Cheater' In Graffiti


Someone reportedly spray painted "cheater" on a man’s car after he was caught cheating on multiple women.

The unnamed man’s blue Volkswagen Passat Estate was discovered with the words "CHEAT," "LIAR" and "LOL" written in bright yellow paint, The Sun reports.

The man was caught cheating after one of his girlfriends posted a picture of them together on Facebook. His two other girlfriends reportedly saw the photo and realized they had been duped. After that incident, more disturbing details of the man's love life came to light.

The man reportedly split his time between the three women on Valentine’s Day, and he planned to take all of his girlfriends to the same vacation location in consecutive weeks.

"I didn’t write the graffiti," one of the girlfriends, who wished to remain anonymous, said, according to The Sun. "But we all only found out on Monday that he had been seeing us all at the same time."

The woman said she had been seeing him since December 2015 and that he had been with the other two women for more than a year. She noted that she wasn’t sure how her partner had managed to hide his secret life so well.

"We would go around to his house on different nights and his mum would go along with it," she said. "We were all even invited to his brother’s wedding! I don’t know how that one was going to work."

After discussing it together, the three women decided not to blame each other. One girlfriend said the man has not apologized and even said he was surprised the three of them didn’t figure it out sooner.

The man reportedly had to drive to work with the graffiti on his car. According to one partner, it took five hours to finally remove the paint.

A similar thing happened to a man's Vespa in 2011 after he allegedly cheated on his girlfriend, The Mirror reported.

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Sources: The Sun, The Mirror / Photo Credit: Ross Parry via The Sun

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