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Man High On Meth Cuts Off Penis And Feeds It To Alligator

A Florida man is recovering after cutting off his own penis and feeding it to an alligator while high on crystal meth.

Lake County resident Frank Canfield, 52, is recovering in the hospital after what investigators described as a “five-day methamphetamine binge” which ended with him feeding his own genitals to an alligator, the Boston Leader reported.

A 28-year-old woman believed to be Canfield’s girlfriend, who also living at the property, who is , told investigators they had spent the past few days smoking crystal meth. She said on the day of the incident, Canfield had “smoked up the couple’s remaining supply” and began to “act really weird.”

The woman said Canfield became violent and threatened her with a knife. He then ran to the backyard and started removing his clothes.

“I was puzzled about what he was going to do next,” she told investigators. “I had no idea that he would cut off his privates.”

The woman said she kept trying to intervene, but Canfield threatened her every time.

“Remarkably, he seemed quite calm as he began cutting,” she said. “I was the one screaming and begging him to stop.”

“As soon as he finished cutting he jumped over the back fence and ran away,” the woman added. She said she fled from the property afterward, fearing that Canfield would attack her.

Surveillance footage revealed what happened to Canfield’s severed genitals.

“In the footage, we can see Mr. Canfield alongside the canal that runs behind his property,” an investigator told a local journalist. “In his hand he’s holding his genitals, we believe. At this point, he spots an alligator on the opposite side of the canal, and he flings his genitals in that direction.”

Investigators refused to release the video to the media.

In the video, investigators alleged that this caused the alligator to “quickly pounce on Mr. Canfield’s genitals and consume them.”

“There’s no chance whatsoever of recovering them,” an investigator said. “Given what has happened in this case, we believe there’s a slim chance of him abusing meth in the future.”

Investigators believe the over consumption of drugs made Canfield experience a psychotic event. In his high state, investigators believe Canfield imagined that the alligator had talked him into the violent act.

Canfield was eventually found screaming in agony on the floor outside of his property by his neighbor. The neighbor said he spoke with Canfield before calling 911.

“I’ve hurt myself badly,” Canfield told the neighbor, according to Thug Life Videos. “I need help. I’ve made a big mistake. Damn that alligator…”

By the time paramedics arrived, Canfield had passed out. He was treated at a local hospital and will now spend the rest of his life without his penis.

Drug-related charges were dropped by local police. Canfield has vowed to go to rehab and kick crystal meth.

The story was shared on Reddit.

"You'd think this would be the floor," wrote one user. "That Florida man can't go any lower than this. Yet, I suspect we'll be proven wrong soon enough."

Sources: Boston Leader, Thug Life VideosReddit / Photo credit: Tammy Sue/Public Domain

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