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Mom Says Daughter Was Driven Home Without Permission

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Oregon mom Amanda Stanich said her daughter was sent home sick and driven home by a staff member without her permission.

The event occurred on Feb. 18 at Gilbert Park Elementary in Portland, Oregon. Before the incident, Stanich believed her 6-year-old daughter was safe at school, according to KPTV.

The school reportedly called Stanich before driving her daughter home, although Stanich noted that she didn’t have any missed calls or voicemails on her phone. The school also called Stanich’s mother, although she was in an appointment and didn’t receive the message until Stanich’s daughter had already been driven home.

“I don’t know why they took my daughter out of school to try to bring her home, when they didn’t even know if I was here,” Stanich said. “I mean what if I wasn’t home, or something had happened to them on the drive over, we would have had no idea.”

The David Douglas School District said that staff members sometimes transport students home as a last resort when all contacts have been exhausted. The district claimed that this procedure has been carried out in the past. Now, Stanich wants all parents to be aware of it.

“I talked to the principal today, and she said they are pseudo parents and can make decisions for our children when they are at school,” Stanich said. “I don’t feel that’s safe for my child, and I don’t want them to make decisions for my daughter.”

Stanich said that she is pulling her daughter from the school and looking for somewhere else to place her, said Mad World News.

Sources: Mad World News, KPTV / Photo credit: Mad World News

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