Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Climbed In Baby's Window


An Indianapolis, Indiana, homeowner shot an intruder who tried to break into her home.

Officers received a call from the woman's home regarding the break-in on March 24, and a baby was reportedly in the home when the incident occurred, Fox 59 reports. The baby's mother reportedly grabbed her pistol after hearing the burglar enter the home through a window.

"She heard the window get busted and she called her husband and said, 'I think somebody’s breaking in the house,'" Edsel Ballard, the woman's father, told Fox 59.

"He broke in through the baby’s window, OK, and when he was coming out the door, my sister was coming out her bedroom door, he aimed and shot at her first and then she shot him," Eddie Ballard, the woman's brother, added.

The woman reportedly exchanged shots with the intruder, who was hit multiple times. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The intruder, police said, was carrying zip ties and a walkie-talkie at the time of the break-in.

"This shooting is very unusual in this area of our district," Indianapolis Police Commander Mike Spears said. "When we have an incident like this as we do throughout the city, involving the use of a firearm, it’s something we take very personally and we want to get in front of and investigate aggressively."

The baby was not hurt in the incident.

Ironically, photos of the house show that a sign on the porch reads, "We Don't Call 911" with a pistol.

In a similar incident earlier in March in Ontario, California, a homeowner shot an intruder, saying that he was protecting his family.

"What would have happened if I didn't?" Art Corrall, the homeowner, told ABC 7 after the incident. "We would have had a big ol' pillow fight? I'm a hardworking guy. Me and my wife work for what we got here, and our kids and stuff. I just believe that if we don't have rights to bear arms, how else am I going to defend my family?"

Sources: Fox 59, ABC 7 / Photo credit: James Gherardi (Fox 59/CBS 4 Indy)/Twitter (2)

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