Mom Says A Pregnant Woman Attacked Her In A Playground


An unsuspecting mom says she was attacked by another pregnant mom at a playground in Playa del Rey, California.

The victim, who gave her name as Linsey and didn’t want to reveal her full name for fear of retaliation, was sitting on a bench in Playa del Rey Park when she noticed a boy was hounding her daughter under the slide.

The interaction seemed innocent at first, but then the boy became angry and started pulling large chunks of her daughter’s hair out, according to Mad World News.

As her daughter screamed, Linsey removed the boy’s hand from her child’s head and was immediately faced with the boy’s mother yelling at Linsey not to touch her son and using verbal threats.

The enraged mom was pregnant when she punched Linsey in the face, in front of the kids.

“I was, like, ‘I’m not going to fight you; you’re like nine months pregnant,’ and she just pulled back and hit me in the face, punched me in the face,” Linsey said.

She then called 911 and was allegedly hit again by the pregnant woman, leaving cut marks. Eventually, a security guard broke up the fight and ordered the pregnant woman to leave. By the time police arrived, the pregnant alleged attacker had left. Authorities are still investigating the incident, reports KCAL.

“She is a bully. She needs to be held accountable for sure,” says Linsey.

Other parents in the area can’t believe something like this would happen in their affluent neighborhood.

“You move to some place like Playa del Rey and you kind of feel like you’re removed from that a little bit,” said parent Mark Provencher. “That’s part of the reason why you come here, so definitely a little disheartening.”

For now, Linsey says she doesn’t feel safe going back to the park.

“For another mother to act that way is beyond anything I can even begin to understand,” she said.

Sources: KCAL, Mad World News / Photo credit: KCAL via Mad World News

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