Mother Struck By Stray Bullet In Brooklyn

A Queens, New York, mother was struck in her back by a stray bullet when she unknowingly stepped into the middle of a gunfight in Brooklyn.

Eduvina Carrasco, 43, was walking out of a bakery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, when she stepped into a gunfight at around 4:30 p.m on March 1. A bullet struck her in her back, just 3 millimeters from her heart.

"Any closer and I don't know what would have happened," Carrasco told the New York Daily News from her hospital bed.

"I was with my sister on the way to her apartment," Carrasco said. "There were two boys shooting at a car. And the car was shooting back. One boy was on the bicycle and the other one was walking. The guy in the car stuck his gun out and shot at them but hit me."

Surveillance video shows Carrasco grasping at her side immediately after getting shot, WCBS reports. Her sister is seen quickly running to her side, attempting to help.

Carrasco recalled the moments after being shot.

"That's in the moment, that's a lot of pain," she told WCBS. "I told my sister, 'Oh my God ... somebody hit me.'"

Carrasco said she remembers seeing three men fighting down the street; two men were on bicycles and the other was in a car. Suddenly, she heard gunshots.

She said she didn't realize what had happened until she saw blood on the sidewalk.

"That's crazy ... because you say, "Oh wow, I don't know what happened,'" Carrasco said. "Look at me and my back."

"I'm very upset," Carrasco's husband Secundino told the New York Daily News. "My wife could have been killed. It's crazy."

He continued: "The bullet is still in her. They haven't decided yet whether she will have surgery or have it in her for good. Thank God we got one more chance." 

Carrasco and her husband have three children, ages 8, 15 and 17. 

The mother says she is still in pain from the shooting and that she has been on edge since the incident.

"It was scary," she said. "I can't stand even small noise. I have dreams about being shot."

Police sources say investigators found shell casings from two different guns at the scene. Officers reportedly believe the bullet was fired at the brother of a well-known local gang member in the neighborhood.

Authorities are searching for the suspects.

Carrasco is in the hospital with tubes running through her nose and arm. She says she still has trouble breathing. 

Sources: New York Daily NewsWCBS / Photo Credit: WCBS

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