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Mom Shocked By Daycare Footage (Video)

An Oklahoma mother is disturbed after seeing evidence that children played "spin the bottle" at their daycare provider (video below).

Dominique Green, a resident of Ardmore, Oklahoma, says her son appears on the video kissing another child during the course of the game. "I'm standing up for these children, because somebody needs to," she said.

Green first became aware of the video when a friend told her that it had been posted to Snapchat by an employee of Little Angels Daycare. "She told me, 'You know, I don't know if you're going to like this video. You know, it's really bad,'" Green said.

The caption of the video reads: "The girl is playing spin the bottle." Green’s 4-year-old son is seen kissing a young boy, which the caption alleges he was forced to do.

Green said she immediately called the owner of the daycare, and was surprised by the response of the official who answered the call. "She said, 'Well, I looked at it, and I don't see anything wrong.' So, from then on, she said I blew it out of proportion by calling the daycare."

Green later reported the incident to the Department of Human Services, which substantiated the complaint as "inappropriate/discipline."

She says that her son is now in counseling because of the incident. "It's sick, and I don't see anything funny about the video. It's sickening for a mother to watch that, and I just sit back and don't say anything about it? It's already on social media. So, everybody has seen my son being bullied and doing sexual things. It's just crazy."

Managers at Little Angels contend that what is seen on the video is not "Spin the Bottle," and note that kissing and hugging among young children is common, reports KFOR.

Sources: KFOR, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube

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