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Man Who Fed Toddler An Octopus Sentenced

A Kansas man has been sentenced to two years of probation and a suspended jail sentence of one year after a 2-year-old boy that he was looking after was taken to the hospital with a small octopus stuck in his throat.

The incident, which occurred in April, also left the boy with multiple injuries on his face. Matthew Gallagher, 37, was originally charged with felony aggravated child endangerment, but pleaded guilty in October to misdemeanor battery, child endangerment, and interference with law enforcement, KTLA reports.

Gallagher, the boyfriend of the child's mother, 21, was reportedly watching the toddler on the night of the incident. The boy's mother arrived home to find Gallagher giving her son CPR, and the couple rushed the child to the hospital, where a 2-inch long octopus was removed from his throat.

A few days after the incident, police in Wichita said that the boy was recovering and showed no signs of long-term injury, though he was still in a "very delicate situation" after his brain was deprived of oxygen, according to The Kansas City Star.

The octopus was reportedly intended for use in sushi. Gallagher admitted to feeding the creature to the toddler.

Initially, Gallagher said that he had given the toddler a chicken dinner while he ate sushi and octopus, insisting that he had not given any octopus to the child. He later admitted that he had given octopus to his girlfriend's son, according to the Calgary Sun.

Gallagher was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail for suspected child abuse, but was later released.

Sources: KTLA (2), The Kansas City Star, Calgary Sun / Photo credit: damn_unique/Flickr

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