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Mother Arrested After Baby Tests Positive For Meth (Photo)

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A Los Angeles mother is under arrest after bringing her child to the doctor claiming that he had an allergic reaction, when in fact the boy had consumed methamphetamine.  

Independent Journal Review reports that an unidentified woman brought her young son into the doctor, claiming that he was suffering from an allergic reaction to the shampoo he used.  However, doctors suspected that the boy’s condition may in fact be drug-related.  After the boy tested positive for methamphetamine, police were called and the mother was arrested on child endangerment charges.  

The boy was then brought to a separate hospital to receive treatment.  He will remain in the care of Child Protective Services upon release due to the severity of the case. 

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The exact number of children born to drug-addicted parents is not known, but is estimated to be in the tens of thousands each year. Many parents do not bring their children to the hospital, even if they display symptoms of withdrawal, for fear of being arrested. As a result, hundreds of children die each year in the care of drug-addicted parents.  

Reaction to this story on social media was swift. 

One user wrote: “Disgusting. Unfortunately publicizing stories like this will probably lead to children of drug addicts not getting the help they need for fear that if they take their kid to the hospital they'll be taken away.” 

Another said: “Absolutely terrible that the baby was exposed to that. Gotta give her a shred of credit though for bringing him to be hospital instead of looking out for her own ass. In a lot of homes, that kid would've been left to die.”

The mother is currently in the custody of the Oakdale Police Department. 

Sources: IJR, Conservative Daily/Facebook / Photo credit: D. Sinclair Terrasidius Follow/Flickr, Oakdale Police Department via IJR

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