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Drunk Mother Drops Kids Off At School

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A Minnesota mom has been arrested after being charged with second-degree DWI after failing a sobriety test while dropping her kids off at school.

Bystanders said  55-year old Kelly Ann Belanger was slurring her speech when she dropped off her kids at their classroom.  A witness said Belanger was shouting at her kids about something they missed but couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Police were dispatched to Scenic Heights Elementary School around 8 a.m. on March 18 after someone reported an impaired driver had just dropped off her children, reports KARE 11. Bystanders told police the suspect had glossy eyes and was swaying.

When cops asked Belanger to roll down her car window, she had trouble with the task and kept locking and unlocking the door before rolling down the window.

Authorities noticed a strong alcohol odor on Belanger’s breath and that she had problems focusing and was speaking slowly.

Belanger, from Eden Prairie, said she had just dropped off her children at school and was going back home. She confessed to drinking half a glass of wine two hours prior to dropping them off at school and felt she was able to drive safely.

When police asked her to exit her vehicle, she was wobbling. After performing a breath test, she registered a 0.23 BAC -- almost three times the legal limit for driving in Minnesota -- and was subsequently arrested, according to Star Tribune.

She faces DWI charges with aggravated factors, including a BAC more than 0.20 and child endangerment.

When reached for a statement from Star Tribune, Belanger declined to comment.

Sources: Kare11, Star Tribune / Photo credit: Hennepin County Jail via Kare11

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