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Mom Accuses School Of Body-Shaming Her Child (Photos)

When she picked up her daughter and saw her wearing a jacket on a hot day and nearly in tears, one South Carolina mother was angered when she found out why.

Without first contacting her, Riverview Elementary School in Fort Mill accused Alicia Rogers' fifth-grade daughter, Jordynn, of violating its dress code policy on Sept. 1. The girl was wearing a shirt with crisscross straps in the back, WBTV reports.

“Your shirt is very inappropriate and you need to cover up," the teacher reportedly told Jordynn, Scary Mommy reports.

After being told to put on the jacket, the teacher allegedly later warned during a break, "Make sure you don’t take that jacket off during recess.”

Alicia claims the teacher's accusations shamed her daughter and were based on a shaky premise.

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"The teacher said to me, 'it was the fact that she had the crisscross straps in the back,' and I asked, 'I didn't see that in the dress code,'" the mother said.

"Tank tops, tops with spaghetti string straps over the shoulders, and other tops that expose a student's stomach or midriff are not acceptable," states the Riverview Elementary School's dress code, which Alicia says does not describe Jordynn's top.

The mother accuses the school of body-shaming her child and handling the situation inappropriately, explaining the school or teacher should have discussed this with her first.

"The humiliation she felt with kids coming up to her asking her why she was wearing a jacket while sweating," she remarked, adding that she plans to discuss the matter at an upcoming Fort Mill School Board meeting.

Alicia hopes to teach her a daughter a lesson by refusing to stay silent.

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“The biggest thing for our family was taking a situation like this where our little girl felt completely powerless and shamed, and turn into a situation where she feels empowered to stand up for herself," she said.

The school said it is discussing the situation further with Alicia.

"The school's administration and parents have had an open dialogue regarding the parent's concerns," the statement read. "The matter is being resolved at the school level between the parents and administration."

Sources: WBTV, Scary Mommy / Photo credit: Alicia Rogers via WBTV, Alicia Rogers via Scary Mommy

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