Georgia Mother Arrested For Shooting Home Intruder


A Georgia mother of four is facing charges after shooting a man who allegedly tried to break into her family’s home.

The mother’s husband, and father of her four kids, told WSB-TV that he spoke to the alleged home invader, Demarcus McDowell, and asked him to stop harassing his neighbor. A week later, McDowell allegedly kicked in the family’s front door.

The father, who did not want to be identified, said that when they heard their door the door knob being jiggled at around 10 p.m. on Feb. 23, both he and his wife grabbed a gun.

“I opened up the door and this predator guy I’ve seen periodically in our community, he was just standing there,” he told WSB-TV. “I said, ‘Man why are you messing with my door?’”

McDowell left the family’s apartment but reportedly returned at around midnight that night. The mother saw him in the doorway when he returned and immediately woke up her husband.

“I’m still asleep," the father recounted. "She said, ‘Baby, get up, somebody is in our house.' I went up under my bed and grabbed my firearm again. By the time I got ready, he was already in my house and the only thing I did was fire the shot at him and he disappeared.”

According to a police report, the father wasn’t sure if his shot had hit McDowell.

The next day, the couple saw McDowell again in the parking lot of their apartment complex and the mother fired three shots at him. The woman's husband said McDowell was holding a pole at the time.

The woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault because the man was not actively breaking into the family’s home, police said.

McDowell is currently in DeKalb County Jail on $10,000 bond for first-degree burglary charges, reported.

Sources: / Photo Credit: WSB-TV

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