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Mother Outraged After School Denies Daughter's Assignment Because It Involves Religion (Video)

A Washington mother is upset after learning her daughter’s teacher won’t let her do a project involving religion (video below).

Tiffany Deviney said her 9-year-old daughter Kylie Cady was told she couldn't involve her religion in a school project, KHQ 6 reported.

“Why stop one kid from a project and not another?” Deviney asked KHQ 6. “She's not telling the kid that they have to have this belief or another belief. I feel like they're saying you have to do this one way and no other way.”

But this isn’t the first time Kylie was discouraged from incorporating her faith in a school project. She had a previous incident with her art class teacher in December 2015 when they were decorating cards.

“I put baby Jesus on there and she said 'Oh that's going in the garbage',” Kylie told the news station.

For that incident, the school admitted that the teacher was in the wrong. School policy states:

“Individual students should be allowed at their own direction, to use religious personages, events or symbols as a vehicle for artistic expression, if consistent with the assignment.”

The school also spoke with the art teacher in regards to the incident.

This time however, the school is defending the teacher’s actions, claiming that what Kylie wants to do isn’t what the assignment asks for.

Deviney has not yet met with the principal, but says she is proud of her daughter for standing by her beliefs.

“This is not violent. It's not inappropriate,” Deviney said. “It's not wrong and if that's the case I feel any kid should be able to express how they feel and what they're thinking.”

Spokane Public Schools is currently investigating the incident. The school district encouraged parents to speak with someone higher up whenever they feel the principal can’t help.

Sources: KHQ 6,Spokane Schools / Photo Credit: KHQ 6

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