Thief Sends Letter To Victim After Stealing Her Wallet


A Los Angeles mother was shocked when the thief who stole her wallet mailed her back her credit cards, along with a handwritten note offering some advice.

The incident occurred in late February. Rachel Maestri was shopping at a Smart & Final in Torrance, California, when she noticed her Louis Vuitton designer wallet was missing, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Maestri got a package in the mail shortly after. The thief had sent Maestri’s credit cards and driver’s license back, along with a greeting card.

“I started reading this letter and I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Maestri told CBS Los Angeles.

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The thief wrote “shop less, enjoy more, don’t keep too much cash on your wallet, keep your wallet safe.”

Maestri had $350 in her wallet. In the letter, the thief explained that his/her sister needed the money, so they're keeping it. The thief also kept a Target gift card.

Maestri also had a punch card to a local nail salon. The thief had something to say about that as well.

“p.s. do your own nails,” the suspect wrote. “Stop splurging your money & save. – xoxo.”

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“It was violated,” Maestri said. “It was violated to have somebody act like they know me and somebody who’s stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff to tell me that I’m too materialistic.”

The envelope was postmarked only a few hours after Maestri noticed her wallet was missing. She is now concerned for her safety after seeing how personal the thief made the crime.

“Security cameras are going up and a better alarm system is being installed, that’s for sure,” she said.

Torrance police are currently investigating.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, Patch / Photo Credit: Locations, Kevin Cortopassi/Flickr

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