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Mom Shaves Daughter's Head For Bullying (Video)

A video of a woman shaving her daughter’s head as punishment for bullying a cancer patient has gone viral (video below).

In the video, the girl is heard screaming as an older woman shaves off large chunks of the girl’s hair, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the video’s description on YouTube, the mother is shaving the girl’s head “as punishment for bullying classmate with cancer.”

The mother and daughter are speaking Portuguese in the video, but due to the poor quality, it is difficult to make out what they are saying. It is also unknown where the video was filmed.

Whatever the reason for the punishment, most social media users believed the mother went too far.

“Vile! If my daughter was bullying a child with cancer, I'd arrange to take her to the local cancer ward and spend time with the patients receiving chemo,” wrote on Facebook user. “Whatever the reason for shaving off her hair, this is abuse! Two wrongs don't make a right as my mother always taught me.”

“Well this is just awful,” wrote another. “She's not getting my vote for mother of the year. The girl needs to learn compassion, not brutality.”

However, some social media users commended the mother for her actions.

“Bullying a bald cancer patient? (If she did do) I say this is a good punishment,” wrote one Facebook user. “The mother could have smacked her, could have taken things away such as her internet, her phone, etc. Instead she chose a punishment that would, hopefully, forcibly put her in the patients shoes.”

“If this story is true then yes the punishment is fitting you don't bully anyone especially a person who has cancer and currently having treatment well done Mum,” wrote another.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro UK/Facebook, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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