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Mother Beats Sons For Opening Christmas Presents Early

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An Indiana mother has been arrested on felony battery charges after she allegedly beat her two children for opening their Christmas presents early.  

WISH-TV reports that 36-year-old Sascha Collins faces charges for allegedly hitting her 7- and 9-year-old sons with a belt buckle, throwing them against a wall, and biting one of them.  The children reportedly had bruises and marks on their bodes from the incident. 

“When we see these types of things happen it breaks our hearts knowing that this is going on. We try to see that it was just a kid’s excitement and that is what we want for them to have, excitement around Christmas time,” said Derek Towle, acting chief for Greenfield Police.

Collins is allegedly an alcoholic who has been accused of beating her kids in the past.  

“I was wondering what the kids were going through and how they felt and how scared they were. That was the big thing… they are defenseless. They are little kids,” said Buffy Lutz, a neighbor.

WXIN reports that it was Collins’ daughter who alerted authorities.  

“She was put in an incredibly difficult situation. There’s a lot of adults put in that same situation maybe they don’t want to say something, they don’t want to rock the boat. She put somebody else’s interests in front of her own and she did what was right,” said Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

According to the teenage daughter, Collins consumed an excessive amount of alcohol the night before the incident and passed out.  The daughter left the house with a friend, only to return an hour later to find her brothers crying and in pain. 

The daughter claims that Collins was walking around the house saying that she had been "blessed with the worst kids ever."  Collins also allegedly threatened to have her boyfriend kill the boys. 

Collins was arrested and transported to the Hancock County Jail.  A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Feb.15.

Sources: WISH-TV, WXIN / Photo credit: Hancock County Jail via WISH-TV

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