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Mother: Expel Student Who Branded My Son (Video)

A Georgia mom called on her son’s school district to expel a student over an extreme case of bullying (video below).

“They laughed and they said, ‘We branded you like the fat pig that you are,’” Brooke Graves told WXIA, describing the bullying her son endured at Lanier High School in Gwinnett County.

Graves said it was “heartbreaking” to hear her son describe what happened to him at school.

The high school student was in chemistry class when another student heated metal tongs, snuck up behind him, and used the heated tongs to “brand” him, burning his arm.

Graves said she was not told the full story when she picked her son up from school that day. She says the school resource officer told her, “boys will be boys.”

“Everybody’s had times in school where you’ve been picked on,” Graves said. “That’s normal, and in some respects you have to teach your kids to suck that stuff up. I don’t believe this was just boys fooling around.”

Graves says she hasn’t gotten any more information about the incident or the other student. She is calling on the school to expel the student.

“That child should not be in that school,” the mother said. “It should be clear-cut that he should be expelled right now.”

The mother said that what happened to her son was a crime, adding that if it happened in the street, “it’s an assault.”

The school district told WXIA the case is being referred to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Sources: WXIAYouTube / Photo credit: WXIA

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