Texas Mom Says School Should Change Dress Code After Daughter Sent Home Over Outfit


The mother of a student at a Texas middle school was shocked when her daughter's outfit was deemed inappropriate by school officials.

Michele Andrus, the mother of a sixth grader at Vidor Middle School in Vidor, Texas, told KFDM that she took her daughter to school on Feb. 2 dressed in a T-shirt and leggings.

According to Andrus, she had to take her daughter home after school administrators told her the girl's outfit was in violation of the school's dress code because her T-shirt was too short.

"They said she couldn't go to school without a shirt that goes to her knees," Andrus said.

According to Vidor Middle School's 2015-16 Student Handbook, leggings are not considered pants and must be worn with an "appropriate-length" dress or top.

The handbook also states that dresses and skirts need to fall at or below the kneecap, and shorts are not permitted.

School officials said that parents were asked to sign a form agreeing to the dress code at the beginning of the school year and that the code is in place to protect students' safety, KFDM notes.

Andrus said she would like to see the district loosen its strict guidelines.

"I want to see the dress code about the shirts going to the knees when you're wearing leggings, I'd like to see that changed just simply to maybe an inch or two above the knee," she told KFDM. 

Sources: KFDM, Vidor Middle School Student Handbook / Photo Credit: Gareth Williams/Flickr, Jared and Corin/WikiCommons

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