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'You A Man': Mom Upset Over How Male Teacher Disciplined Her Daughter

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A Tennessee mother is furious after reportedly noticing a bruise on her daughter's neck and discovering how it got there.

Tammy Morgan of Memphis, Tennessee, told Fox 13 that her daughter acquired the bruise on Feb. 17 when a male teacher at Trezevant High School used physical force to discipline her.

The girl reportedly refused to put her phone away after being asked to do so several times, according to a police report obtained by Fox 13.

The male teacher was then asked to escort the girl out of the room. At this point, the teen became belligerent and began to scream profanities. She also kicked over a trash can. According to the police report, the teacher reacted to the girl's behavior by putting his hands around her neck.

Morgan said she understood her daughter was being defiant but has an issue with the way the teacher dealt with her.

"So that is how you treat your kids?" Morgan commented to Fox 13. "You put your hand around their neck? I don't even do that. She's a girl."

Stephanie Love, a member of the Shelby County School Board, said that teachers can use "a reasonable amount of force to restrain a child."

Morgan, however, believes the teacher's actions were inappropriate.

"Nothing takes the place of you taking your hands and putting them around my daughter's neck, and you a man," she said. "I don't even put my hands around her neck."

Investigations by police and the Department of Child Services into the incident are still ongoing.

According to a 2004 study by Public Agenda, a nonprofit opinion research organization, 49 percent of teachers surveyed nationwide said that they have been accused of unfairly disciplining a student. In addition, 55 percent said that backing down from assertive parents over discipline issues causes more student misbehavior in school.  

Sources: Fox 13, Public Agenda / Photo Credit: redjar/Flickr, Classmates

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