Colombian Model Busted For Rolex Theft


A model from Bogota, Colombia, was arrested on March 28 in Miami Beach, Florida, after allegedly stealing a Rolex watch from a man she met at a club.

Liliana Vanegas allegedly went to the man's hotel room with him and told him that she had too much to drink. She proceeded to lay down, and the victim sat next to her -- and lost his $28,000 Rolex in the process.

The victim was Alvin Malhi, a 40-year-old Canadian businessman, the Miami Herald reported.

The man reportedly chased after Vanegas after she allegedly took his watch, but she was able to escape in a cab. A friend then proceeded to pick her up in a Mercedes-Benz and take her away, Miami Herald reports.

Miami Beach police caught up with the woman and her accomplice a short time later and arrested them both.

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"I'll be more careful definitely, but you know, I heard that this is a very common thing there and I just hope that police can put a stop to it,"  Malhi, told WPLG.

"She said I don’t like young boys. I like men. I thought, ‘Wow, this must be my lucky day,'" Malhi told the Miami Herald of the incident.

When Vanegas was taken to jail, several officers recalled another incident in which she allegedly stole $30,000 worth of valuables from a man named Robert Moccia after drugging him. Among those items was a $1,000 Versace chain and a $25,000 Rolex. That alleged incident occurred on Feb. 19.

Vanegas was charged in the Malhi case with grand theft and cocaine possession.

Just a week before the most recent Rolex theft, 25-year-old Vanegas was arrested for stealing $14,000 worth of valuables from a couple on Feb. 15.

"She’s been linked to several thefts," Miami Beach spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told the Miami Herald. "We're still looking for others."

Sources: Miami Herald (2), (3), WPLG / Photo credit: Pixabay, Miami-Dade Corrections via Miami Herald

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