Man Steals Human Brain For Bizarre Reason


A man from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is facing charges for abusing the remains of a body.

Joshua Long, 26, is a convicted criminal who has spent time behind bars for various burglary charges. Now, Long is suspected of stealing a human brain and soaking cannabis in the formaldehyde that was used to preserve it.

The man's aunt stumbled upon the brain, which was reportedly kept in a Wal-Mart bag, while she was cleaning out a trailer outside Newville, according to court records.

Long's aunt then called Long in prison and asked about the grotesque discovery. He confessed to stealing the brain and using the fluid to get high. The formaldehyde gives the user a more potent high and authorities believe that was what Long was really after -- not the brain itself.

"It gives the person an extra high – it's extremely dangerous. It can kill you," Cpl. Bryan Henneman of the Carlisle barracks said.

Long even called the brain 'Freddy' as a nickname, according to WGAL. When authorities first received the call about the brain, they believed it to be a Halloween prop, reports Penn Live.

The coroner confirmed the brain was a real human brain and said that it was likely a teaching specimen. Cumberland County coroner Charley Hall says, "It's in a display container like you see in a medical facility."

Long was charged with abuse of a corpse on July 14.

"We have been hearing about it – this is something that has been going on in other areas. But this is the first time we had someone do this with a brain," Henneman said.

"Every day there's something new and bizarre," he added.

Sources: WGAL, Penn Live / Photo credit: Cumberland County Prison via WGAL

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