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Man Gets Revenge After Being Forced To Pay DMV (Photos)

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A Virginia man brought 300,000 pennies to the DMV to pay sales tax on two cars as an act of revenge following months of legal battles. 

Nick Stafford paid a visit to the DMV in Lebanon, Virginia, and brought with him five wheelbarrows filled mostly with pennies, weighing a total of 1,600 pounds. On his website, Stafford explained his reasoning behind the bold move.

The DMV, he said, was completely unhelpful in giving him the direct number to the Lebanon branch that he needed to contact, and he was able to find it only after filing a Freedom of Information Act request. 

Stafford, who owns four houses in two different counties across the state, was trying to figure out which counties he should list when licensing the Corvette he bought for his son. 

"Well, after waiting on the phone with the DMV in Richmond for over an hour I made an official FOIA request," he wrote on his site. "I requested the direct 'private' unlisted phone number to the Lebanon VA DMV office. I asked for the 'UNLISTED' direct phone number that only DMV employees and other government departments have access to."

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The DMV allegedly informed him that the number he requested was private and he wasn't allowed to have it. 

"Needless to say after MANY repeat phone calls to that same unlisted number (the number that I wasn't 'allowed' to call) I finally got my question answered," he wrote. "To prove a point I called the Lebanon DMV office again and this time I asked for the direct 'unlisted' private phone numbers to several other DMV offices: Clintwood, Vansant, Tazewell, Norton, Jonesville, Gate City, Abingdon, Marion and Wythville."

Stafford went on to sue the state of Virginia because he was denied the phone numbers, Daily Mail reported.

According to the Bristol Herald Courier, Stafford filed three lawsuits -- two against specific employees at the Lebanon DMV and one against the DMV itself. A judge ultimately dismissed the lawsuits after a state attorney representative gave him a list of the phone numbers in the courtroom. 

"The phone numbers are irrelevant to me," he told the Bristol Herald Courier. "I don't need them. I told the judge ‘I think I proved my point here.' I think the backbone to our republic and our democracy is open government and transparency in government and it shocks me that a lot of people don't know the power of FOIA."

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After the suit was over, Stafford decided had one final thing left to do. That was when he decided to collect hundreds of rolls of pennies, hired 11 people at $10 per hour to spend four hours breaking open the paper rolls with hammers, bought five wheelbarrows to house the pennies for $400, and brought them to the DMV.

Along with the $165 he paid for the lawsuits, Stafford ended up spending $1,005 to get the 10 phone numbers and to exact his revenge on the DMV. He paid them the $3,000 he owed in taxes for his cars.  

Sources: Daily Mail, Bristol Herald Courier / Photo credit: Daily Mail, Bristol Herald Courier

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