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Man Accuses Carriage Driver Of Forcing Horse To 'Collapse'

A Long Island man claims a New York City horse carriage driver overworked his horse and forced the animal to collapse in the middle of the street.

The incident occurred on Sept. 2, shortly before 2 a.m. Bogdan Paul Angheluta was outside of Space Ibiza nightclub in New York City when he saw a horse carriage driver “screaming for the horse to make the green light,” the New York Post reported.

Angheluta said the horse “collapsed” and was “breathing slow and hard.” He took pictures of the horse after it collapsed in the street.

“I’m 100 percent positive,” Angheluta told the Post. “He was forcing him to make the light. The horse was tired.”

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The Long Island native said the horse was lying on the street for more than 20 minutes. He claims the driver was in no rush to help the horse.

A police officer arrived at the scene and blocked off the intersection. Angheluta said he got on his knees and started “cradling the horse’s head and trying to calm him down.”

Ten minutes later, workers from the stables came with a bucket of water. They warned Angheluta to leave the horse alone, and put something in the horse’s mouth.

“I was yelling at them,” Angheluta recalled. “I was frustrated, angry.”

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The horse was eventually righted, and cops assured Angheluta that there was nothing to worry about. Angheluta was not convinced.

Angheluta sent the pictures of the horse to animal-rights group NYCLASS. The group then alerted the NYPD, the Mayor’s Office, and the Health Department.

Christina Hansen, a spokeswoman for the carriage industry, said the 1,700-pound draft horse named Norman had just “tripped and fell.”

“He didn’t collapse, he tripped himself,” Hansen told the Post. “He’s kind of a klutz.”

The horse was examined by veterinarians, and the Health Department investigated the incident, the Daily Mail reported.

“We found that the horse had tripped and fell,” said Health spokesman Christopher Miller.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Bogdan Paul Angheluta via New York Post

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