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Police In Florida Seek Would-Be Kidnapper

A 13-year-old was reportedly nearly kidnapped by a man in Pompano Beach, Florida, on the afternoon of  March 2. The suspect, who has not been identified, pulled up next to the teen in a tan SUV and asked her if she was walking home.

The victim ignored the man and kept going, but the man got out of his car and grabbed her by the waist, the Broward Sheriff’s Office told the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

"The victim wisely screamed and broke free from his grasp," the sheriff's office said. The incident happened near Pompano Beach High, although there are several other schools in the area. 

“This little girl saved her own life,” BSO spokeswoman Joy Oglesby told WFOR. “This girl did everything right. She screamed really loudly. She kicked and freed herself.  And then she immediately told her mother and BSO what happened.”

The man got back in his car to pursue the girl, but she managed to get away, WPLG reported. Part of the incident was caught on nearby surveillance cameras at a child care center, and authorities have released a sketch of the suspect, who was described as being in his late 40s to early 50s and having reddish-brown hair and a slight frame.

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At the time of the incident, the man, who might have been driving a Ford Explorer, was was wearing a red short-sleeved shirt, jeans and black sneakers.

“It’s scary,” Theresa Rebori, a parent who lives near where the incident happened, told WFOR. “My son’s only 2 but that’s like one of those things you worry about when you’re pregnant and then after you have your child like letting them grow older and then something happening like that.”

Students were rattled too. “It’s scary the fact that I live in this area,” a 14-year-old eighth grader who walks home from school in the area told WFOR.

Sources: Florida Sun-Sentinel, WPLG, WFOR / Photo credit: Broward Sheriff's Office via Florida Sun-Sentinel

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