Man Tosses Gator Into Drive-Thru Window, Mom Says It Was A 'Stupid Prank' (Photos)


A Florida man who tossed a live alligator through a Wendy's drive-thru window in October 2015 has been captured by U.S. Marshals.

Joshua James, 23, of Jupiter, Florida, was arrested on Feb. 8 for throwing the reptile through the drive-thru window of a Wendy's restaurant in Royal Palm Beach in October 2015, WPTV reported.

According to a report by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, the incident occurred after James pulled up to the drive-thru window. After the server handed him the drink he had ordered, the man reportedly reached into the back of his truck, picked up the 3.5-foot alligator, and tossed it through the window.

The man fled after the incident and was only identified and taken into custody by U.S. Marshals several months later. Authorities reportedly tracked him down with the help of restaurant surveillance footage and a credit card receipt for the drink he had purchased.

He faces charges of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator.

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James admitted to law enforcement that he picked up the animal from the side of a road near the Wendy's restaurant and brought it to the drive-thru.

Officers called to the scene later taped the alligator's jaws and released it into a nearby canal.

The young man's parents said the whole incident was a prank intended to amuse a friend of their son who worked at the restaurant, according to another WPTV article.

“It was just a stupid prank that he did that's now turning into this," the man's mother, Linda James, told WPTV. "He's a prankster.  He does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny."

Internet users responding to the story in a Reddit subforum expressed their amusement at the man's actions.

"That is the most Florida thing I've ever heard," one commenter posted.

"Drove off after yelling 'see you later, alligator,'" another Reddit user wrote.  

James, who does not have a prior criminal record, currently remains in custody at the Palm Beach County Jail, WPTV notes. No one was harmed in the incident.

Sources: WPTV (2), Reddit / Photo Credit: WPTV

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