Man Gets Unexpected Response To Food Court Proposal (Video)

When a man in Brazil proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a crowded food court, he got a much different response than he expected (video below).

A video filmed at a food court in Brazil shows the moment a man attempted to pull off a romantic marriage proposal, only to get rejected, according to the Daily Mail.

The video begins with two women sitting at a table in the crowded food court, when a violinist approaches to serenade one of the women. Then, a man enters from the opposite direction with a bouquet of flowers.

The man walks over to the table and taps a woman, assumed to be his girlfriend, on the arm. When she turns around to see who it is, he drops to one knee to pop the question.

The woman appears uncomfortable as he proposes, at one point shaking her head. Then, the man gets a truly unexpected response when she and her friend walk out of the food court, leaving him alone, still down on one knee.

As the man stands in the middle of the crowded food court looking defeated, the crowd of people watching the uncomfortable moment offer sympathetic applause. One bystander approached the man and attempted to comfort him in the difficult moment.

Daily Mail readers commented after watching the painful moment.

"Not sure if I would have accepted in a mall food court either!" one user wrote. "Maybe somewhere a little more appropriate might have gotten him a better response. Poor guy. I think he might have dodged a bullet with that one anyway."

"Sometimes these men propose in front of an audience to make the woman feel pressured by the audience to accept," another reader wrote. "These men know what they're doing and it's wrong."

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo Credit: Banana and Feijoada/YouTube via Daily Mail

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