Grandma Arm-Wrestles And Chases Away Robber


A Florida grandmother attacked and chased a gunman who attempted to rob the woman and her 2-year-old granddaughter March 4.

Officials have now arrested the three men responsible for the incident that took place in a grocery store parking lot, WESH reports.

"I'm happy. Less trash in the street," the grandmother Maggie Mejias said.

Mejias arm-wrestled one of the men after he pointed a gun at the woman and the child while they were in a car with their friend, Lisa Perez.

"He pushed everything in, and he has a gun to my head, so he told me, 'Give me your purse. Give me your purse.' He started cursing, so I said, 'No,'" Mejias said, before she and Perez began attacking him.

"I grabbed the gun. He still had the gun, and I managed to turn it on him and put it straight on his forehead. I could see it, and I was pulling the trigger," Mejias added.

"Both of us kind of elbowed and fought him," Perez chimed in.

The defeated man promptly ran to his vehicle and drove away.

At that point, Mejias chased after the car and rammed into it while Perez called the police.

"I flipped. I went crazy. Look what I did," said Mejias.

"He caught the wrong girls on the wrong time," added Perez.

The suspects have been identified as Aaron Voss, 26, Christopher Watson, 38, and Andrew Mielniczek, 28. Police caught them at the scene of the collision.

Voss is reported to have been the gunman and is facing charges of robbery with a firearm, child abuse and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. It is his sixth arrest in the past five years.

This is not the first time a grandmother has fought off an armed attacker.

ABC News reports in February 2016, an Indiana grandma who identifies herself only as Carol hit a robber with a staple gun after he demanded she give him her purse.

After falling down, he tried charging at Carol again, but she was ready.

"I loaded up with two more in my other hand. He starts charging at me again and I said I will crush your skull in if you touch me again. It's either me fight like heck or, ya know, the bad outcome,” the grandma said.

He then ran off.

Sources: WESHABC News / Photo credit: WESH

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