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Toddler Found Strapped To Fence (Video)

A Washington man made a disturbing discovery while out mowing his lawn one day after he heard a loud scream from down the street (video below).

Matt Knight of Spokane said he was outside mowing his lawn when he heard a scream that caught his attention. He followed the sound to a nearby home, where he found a toddler strapped to a fence with a bungee cord.

Knight took a picture of what he found in order to have evidence of the incident. The toddler had been tied to the metal gate in front of the home with a bungee cord dangerously close to her throat.

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While out in front of the home, a woman claiming to be the toddler's mother came outside and told Knight that the child must have tangled herself in the cords, but did not say why she may have been outside by herself in the first place.

According to KHQ, police have been called to the house on three separate occasions for reports of a child being left unattended. In one incident, the toddler was outside alone, crawling in the streets.

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"Because of the previous things that had happened there, I wanted some photo evidence versus a bunch of heresy," Knight told KHQ.

He added, "That strap or bungee cord was pretty much at neck level. She was up on her feet, but she was kind of struggling around her neck."

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Knight says he hopes that Child Protective Services will step in to help the child before it's too late.

Sources: Daily MailKHQ via Media24/YouTube / Photo Credit: KHQ via Mad World News

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