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Man Says He Accidentally Killed Unfaithful Girlfriend

An Arizona man said he accidentally shot and killed his girlfriend on March 11 after finding her in bed with his roommate.

According to a police report, which was released on March 14, the incident occurred after Rodney Patterson, 20, got out of the shower and saw his girlfriend having sex with his roommate, KPHO/KTVK reports. Patterson then grabbed a loaded gun and threatened them.

Patterson told police he only meant to scare them -- not to actually shoot. However, he did confess to holding his girlfriend at gunpoint only a week before out of jealousy.

During this recent incident, Patterson's girlfriend reportedly grabbed a knife in self-defense. Patterson then put the gun down and the girlfriend went to grab it. The two fought over the weapon and during the altercation, Patterson’s finger allegedly slipped and pulled the trigger.

The woman was shot in the face and died.

After the incident, the roommate ran away from the house as did Patterson, who left to hide at a relative’s house.

This is not the first case in which somebody died as a result of an alleged accidental shooting.

On Jan. 26, a Brownsville, Texas, man involved in a shootout with police accidentally shot and killed his own mother, 56-year-old Maria Isabel Garcia, Valley Central reports.

"That was one of the biggest questions: Who was responsible, indirectly or directly," Brownsville police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said at the time. "Well, we know that Garcia's actions resulted in the death of his mother, regardless. Because he engaged the officers in a shootout."

"What we did learn from ballistics is that he actually is responsible for taking his own mother's life -- directly," Rodriguez added.

Another accidental death occurred in February when a German man tried pleasuring his wife with a cucumber, the Metro UK reported.

Both had been drinking alcohol when the incident occurred.

“I put it it in her mouth," Oliver Dietmann, 46, said. "But suddenly I saw there was smoke coming from the kitchen. I forgot that I had put a piece of meat on the stove for my dog."

“I ran to the kitchen, fed my dog and then went on to the balcony to smoke a cigarette,” he added.

When he returned, his wife Rica was unconscious. She later died, and a postmortem revealed that the cucumber most likely got lodged in her throat.

Sources: KPHO/KTVK, Valley CentralMetro UK / Photo Credit: KPHO/KTVK, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office via KPHO/KTVK

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