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Dying Man's Vote Denied Due To Signature

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A Florida man is outraged after his dying father's vote was rejected due to a shaky signature.  

Jeff Korinko’s 76-year-old father, Thomas, reportedly suffers from liver cancer and is living his final days.  Thomas desperately wanted to vote in this election, but was too ill to physically cast a ballot the voting booth on Election Day, WOFL reports.  

Thomas is currently in hospice, undergoing morphine treatments, drifting in and out of consciousness.  He is expected to pass away this week.  

Determined to cast his ballot, Thomas voted by mail.  However, the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office determined that his shaky signature did not match the one on his voter registration identification, and therefore his vote does not count.  

"This is not voter fraud.  He's a registered, lawful, Florida voter," says Jeff.  "This is his ballot, you have it, please count it. I was told, 'No.'"

NPR reports that the race in Florida is tight, labeling the state as a "Toss-up," or too close to call.  Florida awards 29 delegates to whichever candidate wins the state, and is considered by experts to be a key state in claiming the presidency. 

Florida law requires a vote-by-mail affidavit to be mailed to voters like Thomas.  However, Thomas has been unable to sign the affidavit sufficiently due to his failing health.  

"I'm all cried out,” said Jeff.  “Cried earlier today.  This was really important to my father.  This was really important to my father."

Sources: WOFL via WNYW, NPR / Photo credit: WNYW

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