Animal Shelter Abandoned In Shocking Condition (Photos)


Photos of an abandoned pet shelter in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, went viral, leaving many horrified by the building's condition.

The shelter was shut down 30 years ago, with photos recently being captured of what is left inside. The creepy images showed the shelter scattered with animal feces and covered in the skeletal remains of cats and dogs.

"I saw a very much abandoned property which had been overrun -- possibly even taken over by cats and dogs for many years," sales advisor Jason Kirkham, who took the photos, told the Daily Mail.

WARNING: Graphic photos.

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"The house contained four sets of animal remains, all skeletal both cats and dogs. One dog was found in the porch in a cage. Other animals again were found in kennels outside. There was a cat in the summerhouse in a cage that had starved to death so much so its cat food tin had been heavily chewed.

"The living room in places was as much as eight inches deep in animal [feces]and the kitchen was even deeper. For this enormous accumulation of [feces] to be present then the animals must have been left to their own devices for many years. Oddly there was no strong smell, it was just musty."

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The house also reportedly showed signs of recent visitors, suggesting squatters might have stayed in the contaminated home.

Kirkham said the history of the home is "unknown," though he believes it was once known as Lichfield Animal Rescue.

"I suspect that possibly one owner died and then accumulated a number of animals for comfort, reached the point where they couldn't be looked after and lived in squalor. Why they left is a mystery. Possibly they were taken into care and any animal found alive was saved if it was possible," he said.

"It was really disturbing to imagine what it would be like to be loved and yet forgotten to the point where you died of starvation locked in a cage. People who have seen the photos have been utterly shocked, some people have even refused to look as they are animal lovers themselves."

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In Ontario, Canada, an abandoned home was perfectly preserved to include all of its original furnishings from decades earlier, with photos of the bizarre home going viral. A photographer named Dave shot the photos for his blog, Freaktography.

Sources: Daily Mail, Freaktography / Photo credit: Jason Kirkham via Daily Mail

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