Man Finds Active Land Mine In Arkansas

An Arkansas man was shocked when he discovered what looked like a prop at the Arkansas Civil War Museum was actually a land mine.

“We pulled it out and the guy I was working with said, ‘It’s a cannonball,’ and he tossed it up out of the ditch,” Matt Bell said according to 13 News Now.

When Jerry Luckett, curator of the museum, looked at it he noticed it had a pressure plate on top of it and decided to put it down. Luckett realized the land mine was still active and explosive.

“I just kind of froze,” Bell said. “I put it back in the backseat and put the seatbelt around it and basically just sat there in that parking lot for about 10 minutes.”

Bell said that driving home took him a few hours. When he finally got home, a special munitions team from Little Rock Air Force Base was called, according to KATV. They later took the land mine to a nearby quarry and detonated it.

According to a woman at the museum, it’s common to find these kinds of old munitions around the state. Both the Air Force and the museum noted that there are probably more bombs like the one Bell found in the area.

Bell said he’d like to thank Jesus that he’s still alive.

Sources: KATV, 13 News Now / Photo credit: 13 News Now

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