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Man Turns Himself In For Shooting Wife's Lover on Valentines Day

A South Carolina restaurant owner reportedly shot his wife’s lover on Valentine’s Day and then turned himself in.

"I shot my wife's lover," Gregorio Leon, 49, reportedly said after calling 911 that night, reports WIS TV.

A warrant reveals Leon discovered his wife with her lover in the back seat of an extended-cab pickup truck.

“The defendant opened the rear passenger door and fired a handgun multiple times,” it reads. The police found the dead man’s body on the ground when they arrived.

The man’s wife, however, was not injured during the shooting.

Authorities arrested Leon and charged him with murder, discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle and more.

It’s not the first time Leon has gotten into trouble with law enforcement.

Leon had reportedly paid money to Sheriff Metts, 68, to help him hide the undocumented immigrants he employed at his restaurant from the federal government’s database.

Metts was charged and spent time in prison for corruption, having plead guilty to assisting in harboring illegal aliens.

At the time, however, Metts said he didn’t know his actions were illegal. Instead, he thought he was helping people, and denied ever accepting bribes.

"I was big at community service,” he said. “I called the office and found out these people were in jail and I did find out they were in for minor misdemeanors, which at the time the federal government was releasing those individuals without them being held and deported," Metts said.

Metts appeared remorseful for his actions, saying the day he was charged was the day he "literally lost [his] life,” and feared he may not come out of prison alive given he suffered severe medical problems.

"I have no real explanation other than I got caught up in trying to help people. I trusted people I shouldn't have,” Metts said.

"I regret making a mistake, but no man is perfect," he added. "I am broken. This may be a pipe dream but I want to rebuild a reputation that was lost to a mistake."

Meanwhile, Leon managed to avoid jail. Instead, he was forced to pay $180,000 in fines, given 200 hours of community service and placed on probation for one year.

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