Three Dead After Disgruntled Ex-Boyfriend Reportedly Murders Student Athlete


Colin Kingston was reportedly distraught following a breakup with his girlfriend, 21-year-old Kelsey Annese, when he allegedly stabbed her to death at a home in Geneseo, New York, using a “large knife” on Jan. 17.

Kingston, 24, also allegedly killed Matthew Hutchinson, 24, before killing himself. The three were students, both former and current, at State University of New York Geneseo, The Buffalo News reported.

Kingston had called his father after killing his ex-girlfriend and the father, who has not been named, contacted the police. Officers arrived only after he had taken his own life. Four people were home at the time of the incident, but because of the layout of the house, no one was aware of the unfolding tragedy. 

“No one had heard anything that made them believe anything was happening in the house,” said Geneseo Police Public Information Officer Jeffrey Szczesniak. It’s unclear why Hutchinson was at the house, which was rented by members of the women’s basketball team. Annese was on the team and Hutchinson was on the men’s hockey team.

“It’s a profoundly sad day for all of us at SUNY Geneseo as we begin to mourn these heartbreaking deaths,” SUNY Geneseo President Denise A. Battles said in a statement. The university postponed the basketball team’s games and offered counseling for students.

“Geneseo is a small community, a very safe community," Szczesniak told the Democrat & Chronicle. "We take pride in that it’s not a very crime-ridden community. But certainly everybody should take safety measures to protect themselves. We always encourage having friends know where you’re going, who you’re going with, reporting anything that doesn’t seem right or suspicious."

Sources: The Buffalo News, SUNY Geneseo, Democrat & Chronicle / Photo credit: WIVB

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